At Hughes, we know the importance of rental! Not only does it provide our customers with an opportunity to have the latest tech, without making a huge dent in their wallets, but it also gives Hughes Rental customers that extra peace of mind that we are there to give support should anything go wrong. Perfect for everyone, from low-income households and young families to tech aficionados, it’s no wonder Hughes Rental is so popular!

Constantly growing and expanding, our specialist rental department is currently serving over 100,000 happy customers with over 120,000 electronics rented across the UK each year. With a huge variety of products available from all of the top brands, Hughes Rental has everything from impressive TVs and Soundbars to vital kitchen and laundry appliances at affordable, monthly prices.

If this wasn’t enough, our Hughes Rental customers also enjoy free delivery and installations with worry-free servicing available throughout their contracts. Say goodbye to repair bills and rest easy in the knowledge that we have your back should anything go wrong. This also includes free replacements if our skilled engineers are unable to repair the item and regular opportunities to upgrade to the latest tech.

Rental Perks:

As our many rental customers already know, applying is effortless! Once you’ve applied, we will check your credit to see if you qualify and sort you into either a ‘Starter Rental’ or ‘Prime Rental’ account depending on your overall score. This will determine whether you can rent new or refurbished items and customers must make the first monthly payment upfront in order for the delivery to go ahead.

If you would like to find out more about Hughes Rental and would like to apply for an account, please contact us today either by visiting your local Hughes store, calling on 01480 418950 or by visiting our rental website here.

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